Thursday, March 20, 2014

4 Reasons Why Prestashop Development Is Best Choice For eCommerce

As popularly known Prestashop is filled with great eCommerce friendly features that enhances performance, functionalities, appearance, scalability & inter connectivity of eCommerce Websites. Moreover, Prestashop by being an open source offers economical ownership, installments and frequent enhancements.

4 Key Rationale behind Choosing Prestashop eCommerce Solutions:

Free of Cost & Open Source

You can opt for Prestashop for efficient eCommerce system even though you have limited funds. The dollars you bank can be further used to advertise in Google Ad Words, banners & much more.

Search Engine Friendly

Prestashop offers search engine friendly eCommerce websites the excellently brings in your online targeted visitors. The reason is that the Web addresses and subject tag cloud could be easily altered in Prestashop making SEO specialists delighted.

Animated ‘Add to cart’

With the inbuilt Animated “Add to Cart” feature online shopping is made much more easier.

Elementary to Develop

Prestashop eCommerce cart is simple to create, due to which you save a lot on time and cost compare to any other eCommerce Solution.

Also with the launch of version 1.6 Prestashop has carved a new niche in the eCommerce market.

HirePHP, a renowned web design & development company is up-to-the-minute with the upgraded features of this version and all equipped to bestow custom Custom Prestashop Development services in its upcoming Prestashop development projects

launching Prestashop version 1.6

Hire Prestashop Developers From Hirephp's For Below Services:

  • PrestaShop Store Development
  • PrestaShop Shopping Cart Migration and Integration Services
  • PrestaShop Template Development and Customization
  • PrestaShop Themes and Design Development
  • PrestaShop E-Commerce Store Design
  • PrestaShop Custom Module Development or Integration
  • PrestaShop E-Commerce Development
  • PrestaShop Website Customization
  • PrestaShop Shipping Module Development
  • PrestaShop Payment Module Development
  • PrestaShop Migration
  • PrestaShop Installation
For any more information regarding Prestashop Development & its services, feel free to contact us.

Author: Bilal Momin
Bilal Momin
Bilal Momin
Chicago Heights, IL, USA
Bilal Momin is one of the Co-founders and CEO of I-verve Infoweb INC and Leads Business Development and Marketing Initiatives.
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why many businesses are realizing the importance of PHP Smarty Development

PHP Smarty Development

The desire to a have a fully functional website with fast deployment and great template integration has made people smarter and so is PHP Smarty. This is a template engine that lets you build fast, powerful and dynamic PHP websites. The separation of the business logic from the application logic has split the task into two sections where developers and designers take care of PHP coding and HTML/CSS section respectively producing a site that is based on cached templates and also helps maintaining the uniformity of your site’s front-end design.

How is PHP Smarty helpful to you in creating Smart Websites

Choosing PHP Smarty offers an outstanding template structure integrated with elegant design, styles and themes. The most important fact about PHP Smarty Development is that if you adopt this technology for your large scale projects, your website goes live before the targeted launch date as the development and deployment is very fast.
You may be still wondering how this framework can benefit you apart from all the technical aspects. Well, take a look.

  • Design
  • Design is the most important ingredient of the website that can hugely impact the visitors. As Smarty is popular for the designing skills, it offers visually appealing and functional web templates. You can approach a PHP based developer to custom these templates that will mirror your business identity.

  • Development
  • The PHP Smarty framework allows developers to concentrate on application logic (PHP coding) which makes programming and editing simple. At the same time reduces other development tasks such as HTML coding (Role of Designer), looping over arrays, framing data from other templates and formatting the text for email output.

  • Configuration and Installation
  • Smarty is an open source that is very simple to install and use. For successful configuration and installation it is advisable to hire experienced PHP programmer who see that all the functions are working properly. Other features can also be integrated as per your requirement using JQuery and AJAX.

  • Maintenance and Support
  • A website developed in PHP Smarty is easy to maintain which would reduce your maintenance cost considerably. This framework offers security and ensures that your website is running smoothly worldwide across the web. Smarty support services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

    Hirephp helps you build a professional image in the online world

    PHP Smarty enables our developers and programmers to create a website that is secure, appealing in looks, fully functional and efficient. We help you gain the trust of your online customers by creating a clean and professional online identity that reflects your business. So if you have a Smarty template and you want it to be customized, we can do it for you at low cost.

    Monday, August 26, 2013

    Integrate the power of Joomla into your eCommerce site

    About 80 percent of the adults buy products on the web so it becomes a critical decision to choose the best eCommerce platform that can produce effective online sales. From adding images or doing modifications in the content to updating a product catalogue, processing credit card transactions or making online reservation, Joomla is the best answer for accurately managing every element of your website and there are some prominent reasons which make Joomla the first and the best choice for building an eCommerce site.

    Joomla is considered to be the most powerful tool used by some of the top web development companies that offer Joomla eCommerce development services.

    If you want your B2B, B2C, government or non-profit business websites to generate high revenue online, it’s the time to build a custom eCommerce store that produces endless online sales. Let’s schedule a time to chat about your Joomla project.

    Monday, August 12, 2013

    How to select the Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development?

    Php Framework

    As we all know that PHP is the best scripting language for offering solidity and ease-of-use. But most of the times coding in PHP can get rather boring and repetitive. That’s where a PHP framework can help.
    The major advantages of choosing a good PHP Framework can help you:
    • Build Rich Internet Applications swiftly
    • Save plenty of time reusing code snippets

    Firstly Define your Needs

    There are few questions that you need to ask yourself before going forward:

    What’s the Main Purpose of My Application?

    Firstly you need to identify what is the main objective of your application. Will it be a website that runs an online retail store, a social community website or a directory? The use of the framework may differ for project that require to process credit cards and with a framework that has a built in proven extension can be beneficial for such processing

    What are the Strength and Weakness of My Development Team?

    It is very important to know the potential strengths and weaknesses of your web development team because depending on the framework its theses developers who would be working on the chosen application. Some of the frameworks are better for beginners while few require experience hands. You must also confirm some other important factors which include the timeline of the project, budget and security.

    There are many reasons why one must choose PHP frameworks for their web development project. Depending upon your requirements, we present you a list of some popular and dominating PHP Frameworks.


    Cakephp has a simple framework structure which is useful for rapid application development. The framework has three folder types (Controller, Models and Views) that contain the codes of most of the web apps. It also has an active community where third party developers can add and share their own codes. This is the only framework that does not have a corporate backing which can be considered as a plus point. CakePHP can be great for your project if you are writing a PHP4 compatible code.


    CodeIgniter is one of the most popular frameworks today and is known for its performance, ease-of-use and speed. This is a PHP5.2 plus MVC framework which is also known as “beginner” framework as it is extremely easy to use in a shot learning curve. This is a powerful and flexible framework that is best suited to build content sites as well as small or mid-sized wed applications.

    Zend Framework

    Zend Framework is eligible for experienced developers that build enterprise-level applications. This framework requires PHP 5.1.4 that has many options for configuring and is not tied to the MVC architecture. It also has a strong community of professionals that offer you security updated, long term stability and fast integration of new features.

    These are the top PHP Development Frameworks and apart from these, PHP Smarty and PHP MySQL are also used by experienced coders and can help you build high performing, scalable and secure web applications quickly. The framework you choose can make or break your development project. It becomes very important to approach the right experts that help you in taking the right decision. Get in touch with us for discussing your PHP Development requirements.

    Friday, July 12, 2013

    How to develop an eCommerce website in Joomla?

    Looking for a platform to sell products or services online? Joomla is the most powerful web developer tool that lets you create a true eCommerce store where you can easily make quick changes, update, add and delete information with the help of a simple back end and/or front-end interface. It includes a complete set of amazing features that allows you to effectively manage your website which results into increasing sales.

    It's not necessary to have the technical skills to develop your own website but the decisions you make have to be accurate while choosing the right CMS like Joomla that offers thousands of extensions and designs.

    How to chose Joomla Template that fits your business need?

    To build your own Joomla eCommerce website firstly you should have a clear view of your site's organization and navigation. Every business in the online world is unique and different from the others and to maintain that uniqueness, template is greatly responsible to show what your business is all about.

    So what are the criteria for creating a good business template?

    • Must have unique and suitable design
    • Must be well coded and light weight
    • Must be Mobile Optimized
    On the web you will find a number of professional Joomla Templates that also Works with the latest versions of Joomla i.e Joomla 2.5 and 3. There are also free and paid templates available that can be used for your online store design. But let tell me you that the premium templates include some extra features. Joomla Developers can also create custom templates (themes) and produce the desired effect by changing fonts, colors, typography and more as per your requirement. They also offer support desk, remove bugs or add features.

    What is the Next Step?

    Choosing suitable Joomla extensions for your website is the next step. Some of the must have extension are listed as below:

    News Display

    This tool can be beneficial to your website for providing or announcing important news with regards to your products or client.

    Contact Forms:

    This is a must for any website especially an enterprise or business website. This extension enables you to connect to your clients easily and quickly.

    Multimedia Display

    Lets you integrate images and videos into your website.


    Through this extension you can easily attract new customers as well as do advertising on your website.


    FAQ allows you to answer questions asked by the clients promptly.


    In this section you can receive feedbacks, ask questions, solving critical issues of the client and more related to your business.


    Your client can visit your website from anywhere in the world. If your business website displays only one or limited languages, your business is likely to suffer. So every business must have an effective language extension.

    Like the ones that have been mentioned, there are number of extensions that help you build a solid foundation for your website that would result in increasing the conversion rate and driving more sales.


    To create custom templates and extensions that fit in your business objectives and for a guaranteed complete protection of information of your eCommerce web page, it is advisable to approach an experienced Joomla Web Development company who will easily understand your needs and expectations in creating an eCommerce website that is professional, aesthetic and mirrors your business in an effective manner.

    The above mentioned points are my initial thoughts on how to build an eCommerce website in Joomla. I hope this article was beneficial to you and I also wish you success in whatever business you do!

    And yes do not forget to leave your comments below!

    Friday, June 7, 2013

    Php Development and Tips to Hire Developers to Ensure Quality Result !!!

    Today, if you have a business then you must have a website for it. It helps you achieve great heights and fulfill all the basic business obligations in style. Hire a PHP Development Company with competitive rates and ideal team of dedicated developers.

    Hirephp is a web development company with years of experience in dealing with PHP and its frameworks. PHP programming offers practical business solutions and is utilized by thousands of developers to build a dynamic web resolution. If you wish to develop website or applications with consistency and performance, PHP Development is the prime option for a healthy business growth.

    Instead of entire hiring entire company, you can also hire a single PHP developer for your project on part and full time basis. Here are three main Points to Remember Before you Rent a Developer,
    • Always analyze your requirements
    • Experience of developer
    • Qualification and Portfolio
    A truly skilled and dedicated PHP developer from company like can renovate your vision into authenticity effortlessly. Just find the right PHP programmer and hire him!

    Thursday, June 6, 2013

    Magento Development Allows You to Explore New Revenue Sources

    Shopping has acquired the face of clicks and checkout pages, and is no more confined to bricks and mortar stores. Ecommerce is booming and simultaneously pulling-up Mobile Commerce to join the party. Now if you want enjoy success and reap more rewards, you must go online with your business ideas.